Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Experience on Bed

Well gotcha naughty mind. I am not going to write anything on my experience on bed but I am here to give you all about my experience on DEB (HA HA HA :-) ) or for that matter debain based Linux distributions.

Well well well for those who know me, Surprise right? Girisha is speaking about Open source. Well it’s not because I failed my interview with Microsoft Research India or it's not because of me having any grudge over the Microsoft.I working in a lab where Microsoft products are extremely prohibited.(He He He)

From the lovely sweet world of Visual Studio and ASP.NET I have come into a world of VIM, Python, C, JSP and from the lovely world of WPF (Though I don’t know a shit about WPF) to “XServer” programming. Phew talking about some turn over right? To tell you guys the damn truth it taking me hell of a lot of time to get use to all these stuff.

Well to finish off telling you this, this experience is really getting a GEEK out of me!!!