Friday, May 30, 2008


ACQP or in other words Acquisitional Query Processing is a querying technique used in wireless sensor networks. When it comes to sensor networks, we all know it contains hundreds of spatially distributed sensor nodes which collect sensor data. Because of the distributed nature of these sensor nodes the data within them are inherently distributed.

One of the major considerations when it comes to sensor nodes is that they contain less amount of energy (battery power) and they contain very less storage. Therefore querying in sensor network environments is much different when compared with traditional query processing. With the database being distributed ACQP brings about a new dimension for query processing.

According to ACQP, querying is done on demand. Or in other words ACQP means collecting data as and when needed with specific sample rates.

As sensor networks function without human intervention for many months it is a must that the low battery energy of them is conserved as much as possible. Therefore by querying data on demand we could conserve energy on sensor nodes and also get relevant sensor data when we need them.