Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to create an iTunes account without a credit card number

Hi Guys, for most of you who don’t like to give their credit card numbers or for people who don’t have a credit card (like me) here is way to create an iTunes account.

  • Step 01

Download and install iTunes in your PC

  • Step 02

As the next step start the iTunes application. Once you start the iTunes app you will get a screen like below.

  • Step 03

Next click on the iTunes store, which is on the left had corner. There you will be directed into the local store. Because I am a Sri Lankan I was redirected to the Sri Lankan store.

  • Step 04

Next select a free app and (any) under the top free apps category related to your local store. In the image above check on the bottom right hand corner.

  • Step 05

Once you have clicked on the free app you will be directed into a page related to that free app. Once you arrive at that page, click on GetApp.

  • Step 06

Then you will get a dialog box as follows. Click on Create a new account. Then the registration wizard will start off.

  • Step 07

Once you click on Create New Account, they will provide you with a license agreement. As always don’t waste time to read it, just accept it and move on to the next step.

  • Step 08

Next you will be getting a form like the image below. Select the payment method as none and provide the other details. In subsequent steps you will be asked to provide your AppleID. Provide your email address for that and continue with the registration wizard. Once you have conducted the registration wizard login to the email address you provided and confirm the registration email. Once that is done you have created an iTunes account without providing your credit card details.

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ravinsp said...

You'd better post this to Mr.Wathugala. :-) He also needs to setup one without the credit card.